GridBox – Satellite Communications and Off-Grid Communications Tool Kit

GridBox is a self contained communications tool for anyone that wants to push the boundaries of classic communication. With GridBox you can go to those extreme remote locations for hunting, fishing, exploration and adventuring.

Worried about the state of communications in these uncertain times?

  • GridBox provides you with information from out-of-band sources and access to the HAM radio and Digital Broadcast functions along with Satellite data for news, weather, and includes other integrated tools.

  • GridBox includes a 3G/4G USB modem, integrated router for shared access, and open network support for GSM networks. Integrated Solar and AC/DC power supply and Dual Battery pack integration allows for continued use and zero downtime. Wireless USB keyboard with Touch Mouse.

  • Onboard Integrated Raspberry Pi provides a standard UI for interaction with all of the integrated services and applications.
  • The Built-in screen provides color interaction with the Raspberry Pi and supports external HDMI monitors.

  • Onboard USB hub for expansions to include webcams, mice, and other USB devices.
  • The integrated Dreamcatcher provides access to the Outernet and allows for the shared data, realtime weather information, and other satellite communications.

  • The HAM Add-on integrates a HAM radio with APRS and DireWolf for remote transmissions and receiving anywhere in the world. (REQUIRES HAM LICENSE – LICENSE NOT INCLUDED IN PURCHASE) 

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