To Black Hat or Not To Black Hat?

To Black Hat or Not To Black Hat?

So I have helped protect some of the largest and highest net worth individuals and organizations in the world. I have played an integral part in the protection of bleeding edge technologies and future products. Yet, I am not a millionaire, I was never in it to be, I am not a Rock Star, the fame was never a motivator, and I have never challenged my ethics while having access to some of the most valuable data and information in the world.

Yet, still, to this day I am witness to information security breaches and thefts that pay/cost millions if not billions to seedy, mostly non advanced technical actors around the world. Where is the love for those that do this for the ethics, for the belief in protecting those that can not protect themselves, and to live a good life. I many times over could have shifted, but I still believe in the ethics, the “right” reasons to do what I do.

How do we shift the future of information security to not pay millions and continue the cycle?

To transition support and spending proactively to those that believe in helping, that believe in doing it for the good of the people and the good of the country. I would love to see the dollars and cents that organizations pay the offenders that have no consequences for their actions, in all reality.

But, would I compromise or give up my ethics, my belief in life, liberty, and freedom for the dollars and cents? No.

Would you? For a million dollars? For 30 million dollars? For a billion dollars?