“Nomad is a flexible container orchestration tool that enables an organization to easily deploy and manage any containerized or legacy application using a single, unified workflow. Nomad can run a diverse workload of Docker, non-containerized, microservice, and batch applications, and generally offers the following benefits to developers and operators…”

from: https://www.nomadproject.io/intro/index.html

To get a feel for where it fits in the HashiCorp ecosphere take a look at the following graphic:

I’d like to thank Will Butler for letting me write this up after watching him pwn it.

You can get a dev environment up and running using the tutorial here:

The walkthru has you run it as a dev environment which wont bind to so you’ll need the following server and client files to get an appropriate environment up and running after you Vagrant up.

server: https://gist.github.com/carnal0wnage/ce4296137414bd16fcca0818208b39b7
client1: https://gist.github.com/carnal0wnage/4abde0ee31f4d730019e6fa04ef6d3b6
client2: https://gist.github.com/carnal0wnage/a4399019a943862e57283c29994ce5da

If you get everything up and running correctly you should be able to connect to the UI on port 4646 and see the example job

$ nomad job run example.nomad
==> Monitoring evaluation “ac9b4b08”
    Evaluation triggered by job “example”
    Evaluation within deployment: “8a7dfe0f”
    Allocation “57e65abe” created: node “a15034e5”, group “cache”
    Evaluation status changed: “pending” -> “complete”

==> Evaluation “ac9b4b08” finished with status “complete”

jobs in the nomad UI

servers in the nomad UI

clients in the nomad UI

Leveraging misconfiguration time. Nomad ships with a raw_exec option that is disabled by default.
ref: https://www.nomadproject.io/docs/drivers/raw_exec.html
the raw_exec option allow you to run a command outside isolation on the nomad host.  
“The raw_exec driver can run on all supported operating systems. For security reasons, it is disabled by default. To enable raw exec, the Nomad client configuration must explicitly enable the raw_exec driver in the client’s options:”

How can you see if the raw_exec module is enabled on the clients?

You can check it out it the UI:

or by hitting the API endpoint
Let’s exploit this thing.
We need to create a job hcl file with our commands. Here is gist with a simple one:

starting the service
Results of our job
job in the UI
Stopping the job
forcefully run the garbage collection

validation the job was deleted
OK let’s get a reverse shell. I used the following hcl file:
Reverse shell job
Shell from nomad

Info on locking nomad down via ACLs:

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