The test suite in libopendkim in OpenDKIM through 2.10.3 allows local users to gain privileges via a symlink attack against the /tmp/testkeys file (related to t-testdata.h, t-setup.c, and t-cleanup.c). NOTE: this is applicable to persons who choose to engage in the “A number of self-test programs are included here for unit-testing the library” situation.


Dex is a federated OpenID Connect provider written in Go. In Dex before version 2.27.0 there is a critical set of vulnerabilities which impacts users leveraging the SAML connector. The vulnerabilities enables potential signature bypass due to issues with XML encoding in the underlying Go library. The vulnerabilities have been addressed in version 2.27.0 by using the xml-roundtrip-validator from Mattermost…


An incorrect permission assignment (chmod 777) of /etc/environment during the installation script of No Magic TeamworkCloud 18.0 through 19.0 allows any local unprivileged user to write to /etc/environment. An attacker can escalate to root by writing arbitrary code to this file, which would be executed by root during the next login, reboot, or sourcing of the environment.