Daily Archives: January 7, 2021


A directory traversal vulnerability in file upload function of Gotenberg through 6.2.1 allows an attacker to upload and overwrite any writable files outside the intended folder. This can lead to DoS, a change to program behavior, or code execution.


PHPGURUKUL Hospital Management System V 4.0 does not properly restrict access to admin/dashboard.php, which allows attackers to access all data of users, doctors, patients, change admin password, get appointment history and access all session logs.


Rock RMS versions before 8.10 and versions 9.0 through 9.3 fails to properly validate files uploaded in the application. The only protection mechanism is a file-extension blacklist that can be bypassed by adding multiple spaces and periods after the file name. This could allow an attacker to upload ASPX code and gain remote code execution on the application. The application…


Barco TransForm NDN-210 Lite, NDN-210 Pro, NDN-211 Lite, and NDN-211 Pro before 3.8 allows Command Injection (issue 1 of 4). The NDN-210 has a web administration panel which is made available over https. The logon method is basic authentication. There is a command injection issue that will result in unauthenticated remote code execution in the username and password fields of…


Rock RMS version before 8.6 is vulnerable to account takeover by tampering with the user ID parameter in the profile update feature. The lack of validation and use of sequential user IDs allows any user to change account details of any other user. This vulnerability could be used to change the email address of another account, even the administrator account.…