Daily Archives: November 27, 2020


npm package systeminformation before version 4.30.5 is vulnerable to Prototype Pollution leading to Command Injection. The issue was fixed with a rewrite of shell sanitations to avoid prototyper pollution problems. The issue is fixed in version 4.30.5. If you cannot upgrade, be sure to check or sanitize service parameter strings that are passed to si.inetChecksite().


This affects the package com.softwaremill.akka-http-session:core_2.13 before 0.5.11; the package com.softwaremill.akka-http-session:core_2.12 before 0.5.11; the package com.softwaremill.akka-http-session:core_2.11 before 0.5.11. For older versions, endpoints protected by randomTokenCsrfProtection could be bypassed with an empty X-XSRF-TOKEN header and an empty XSRF-TOKEN cookie.