Daily Archives: November 9, 2020


upnpd on certain NETGEAR devices allows remote (LAN) attackers to execute arbitrary code via a stack-based buffer overflow. This affects R6400v2 V1.0.4.102_10.0.75, R6400 V1.0.1.62_1.0.41, R7000P V1.3.2.126_10.1.66, XR300 V1.0.3.50_10.3.36, R8000 V1.0.4.62, R8300 V1.0.2.136, R8500 V1.0.2.136, R7300DST V1.0.0.74, R7850 V1.0.5.64, R7900 V1.0.4.30, RAX20 V1.0.2.64, RAX80 V1.0.3.102, and R6250 V1.0.4.44.


The LDAP authentication method in LdapLoginModule in Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise 4.x before 4.0.3, and Jet Enterprise 4.x through 4.2, doesn’t verify properly the password in some system-user-dn scenarios. As a result, users (clients/members) can be authenticated even if they provide invalid passwords.


** UNSUPPORTED WHEN ASSIGNED ** An issue was discovered in ReadyTalk Avian 1.2.0 before 2020-10-27. The FileOutputStream.write() method in FileOutputStream.java has a boundary check to prevent out-of-bounds memory read/write operations. However, an integer overflow leads to bypassing this check and achieving the out-of-bounds access. NOTE: This vulnerability only affects products that are no longer supported by the maintainer.


IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management,,, and is vulnerable to cross-site request forgery which could allow an attacker to execute malicious and unauthorized actions transmitted from a user that the website trusts. IBM X-Force ID: 186024.